Our Five Year Plan


St. Anne Parish

Five Year Plan  2016 - 2020

St. Anne Parish Mission Statement

Brought to life by the Word of God and nourished by the Eucharist, we, the members of St. Anne Catholic Parish, are committed to live out the Gospel as listeners, learners and leaders. We accept Christ’s mission to transform the world, now and for future generations.

A Mission Statement is a parish’s expression of how they understand their mission—what God is calling them to do.  A Five Year Plan is a strategy for making the Mission Statement into reality. 
The mission of a Catholic parish must be rooted in the purpose of the church itself—or else it isn’t “Catholic.”  Throughout his papacy, Pope Francis has been calling the whole church to re-examine its understanding of its mission.  Our pope regularly reminds us that the focus of the church’s mission is not to build itself up, but to minister to the world.  "We need to avoid the spiritual sickness of a church that is wrapped up in its own world…. If the church stays wrapped up in itself, it will age."

Pope Francis’ observation, of course, is not something new.  It is a reminder of the vision of the church embraced by Vatican Council II.  Its documents consistently state that the church’s mission is multilayered:

The Church was founded to spread the kingdom of Christ over all the earth for the glory of God the Father, to make all men partakers in redemption and salvation, and through them to establish the right relationship of the entire world to Christ…. The mission of the Church is not only to bring people the message and grace of Christ but also to permeate and improve the whole range of the temporal.

                                                     Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity §2, 3


In other words, church’s mission is not merely to get people’s souls to heaven.  The salvation that Christ brings—that the church is called to take to the whole world—is not merely a spiritual salvation, but includes the renewal of the temporal order: our culture, society, business, politics, relationships, or as we say in our liturgy, the renewal of the face of the earth.


Vatican II also emphasized that lay people have unique role in the church’s mission:


To the laity, however, are given this special vocation: to make the Church present and fruitful in those places and circumstances where it is only through them that she can become the salt of the earth.                                Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, §33


Pope Paul VI reinforced important role laity have in church’s mission:


Their own field of evangelizing activity is the vast and complicated world of politics, society and economics, but also the world of culture, of the sciences and the arts, of international life, of the mass media. It also includes other realities which are open to evangelization, such as human love, the family, the education of children and adolescents, professional work.     


On Evangelization in the Modern World, §70


A Catholic parish needs to root its understanding of its mission in this broader mission of the church.  This requires that we rethink our image of what being a Catholic parish is all about.  We usually see a parish as a “community of the like-minded” brought together by our common faith, where we spend our efforts on building up our community, strengthening our identity, and enlarging the parish.  Or we may see the parish as a “hospital” or infirmary for those needing healing from sin, brokenness, a place where we minister to, support and heal one another.  Or we may see the parish as a refuge where we withdraw from the weariness and battles of the world, a place to separate ourselves from the trials of life.  Each of these is valid and to a certain extent true.  But they do not fully embrace the full mission of the church. In each of these models, most of our time, energy and resources are not being invested on the renewal of the secular world, but rather on our own parish—on the church.


What would a parish look like if it took the church’s larger mission as its own mission?  What would a parish look like if its main focus was the secular world rather than itself? What if it intentionally invested its time, energy and resources on making a difference in the world, rather than building itself up? 


With this in mind—rather than a community of the like-minded, or a hospital, or a refuge—a parish can be described as


a community where we encounter the risen Christ

then send one another out

to bring that presence to others and to transform the world.


Imagine the parish as a large room with revolving doors.  In the room are people holding mirrors. As newcomers come through doors, the people already inside hold up a mirror to them.  But when they look into mirrors, they see Christ.  Then they are handed the mirror and given a gentle push toward the revolving doors.  They go back out into the world bearing the reflection, the image and likeness, the real presence of Jesus.


In this understanding of parish, the goal isn’t to fill up the room.  The goal is to keep the door revolving.


This is the vision that is at the heart of this Five Year Plan for St. Anne Parish. Our previous Five Year Plan (2010-2015) helped our community recover from a difficult period.  It provided internal stability by developing internal structure and financial stability. Now it is time to turn our focus beyond ourselves and embrace our mission “to transform the world, now and for future generations.” This plan focuses on four goals that will help our parishioners understand their call to make a difference in the world, empower them to do that, and support them in doing it.


The goals, objectives and action steps in this plan are not intended to include everything the parish does, or will do, in the next five years.  They do not include what are considered “standard operating procedures” or “norms” for the staff, leadership groups or ministries, or programs that are already in place.  It is aimed at implementing new ideas and new endeavors that will enhance our whole community, all of our ministries, and all of our parishioners.


Year indicates calendar year during which action step is to be addressed.




CSC – Community Service Committee

FCNL – Finance Council

INTWRT – Intercession Writers

LITCOM – Liturgy Commission

PAA – Pastoral Asst. for Administration

PACI – Pastoral Asst. for Community Involvement

PAFFD – Pastoral Asst. for Faith Formation &    Discipleship

PAM – Pastoral Asst. for Music

PC – Pastoral Coordinator

PCNL – Pastoral Council

PP – Parish Priest

SCOM – School Commission

SJCOM – Social Justice Commission

SPRINC – School Principal


Goal A:       Help members of our community discern their personal vocations—the way in which they are called to make a difference in the world.


  1. Provide teaching on the calling of the laity in transforming the world
  1. Each liturgical year, provide preachers with resources to help identify ways in which the topic of the role of the laity can be addressed – 2017 / PC
  2. Annually provide resources (seminars, bulletin inserts, webpage articles) addressing the Church’s teaching regarding the laity’s responsibility in the church’s mission – 2017 / PC


  1. Increase familiarity with and understanding of the Parish Mission Statement
  1. Regularly incorporate aspects of the Mission Statement into the Prayer of the Faithful – 2016 / Intercessions-writers
  2. Whenever possible, refer to the Mission Statement in preaching – 2016 / PP, PC
  3. In our liturgies, bulletin articles, pulpit announcements and reports, highlight the ways in which various activities, projects and programs are tied into the parish Mission Statement – 2016 / PC, PACI, PAFFD, LITCOM
  4. Visibly display the Mission Statement in the narthex and other gathering places – 2017 / PCNL


  1. Provide opportunities for people to discern and live out their personal vocations
  1. Annually offer programs such as Let Your Life Speak and Midlife & Beyond that help people discern their calling – 2016 / PC
  2. Introduce a monthly bulletin, web column, and social media that features stories of vocation, stewardship and faith in action  – 2016 / PACI, PAFFD


  1. Increase awareness of personal gifts and understanding of charisms
  1. Enhance library resources on spiritual gifts – 2018 / PC
  2. Offer programs such as the Called & Gifted Workshop to build an understanding of charisms and personal gifts – 2018 / PC
  3. Offer follow-up small group programs for people with similar gifts – 2019 / PC
  4. Recruit and train facilitators to help others in the process of discerning and developing their personal gifts – 2020 / PC


  1. Train parish staff, council/commission members, and ministry leaders in the mission of the laity within the church and within the world
  1. Conduct an annual gathering of all staff, council/commission members, and ministry leaders to explore the role of the laity and how it is being lived out within the parish – 2017 / PCNL
  2. Hold an annual meetings between each commission and its ministries to reflect on how they are supporting parishioners in their role in the church and in the world – 2018 / PCNL



Goal B: Help members of our community be more intentional about accepting Christ’s mission to transform the world.


  1. Help people develop the skills that will enable them to identify the needs of the wider community.
  1. Identify resources that will help people develop skills in identifying social needs – 2018/ PACI, PAFFD
  2. Provide resources that help people reflect on why they feel called to a particular service or vocation – 2018 / PAFFD
  3. In quarterly bulletin / website stories about vocation (cf: A3b), include accounts of how individuals realized that their vocation was a response to social need – 2019 / PACI / PAFFD


  1. Provide resources and materials that connect faith with everyday life
    1. Annually offer programs such as [email protected] that help people connect their faith with their occupation – 2016 / PC
    2. Annually provide opportunities for people to share the impact of activities related to Lent and Advent faith sharing programs and service projects – 2017 / PAFFD
    3. Establish career-based faith-sharing groups – 2017 / PC


  1. Enrich our understanding of and engagement with the various cultures (ethnic, age, family style, economic, etc.), both within and beyond our parish
    1. Each year, plan and conduct a special liturgical celebration to highlight and celebrate the diversity of our faith (e.g., Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Kateri Tekakwitha Feast Day, St. Martin de Porres Feast Day) – 2017 / LITCOM
    2. Include more culturally diverse songs in liturgies – 2017 / PAM
    3. Strengthen involvement with the Queen Anne Interfaith Ministries by increasing the number of shelter volunteers, co-sponsored speakers and prayer services, – 2017 / PACI
    4. Annually offer programs or events to increase parishioners’ awareness of various cultures – 2018 / PACI


  1. Coordinate service projects within and beyond the parish
  1. Establish a Community Service Committee – 2017 / PC
  2. Create a database and calendar of possible service opportunities – 2018 / CSC
  3. Provide resources for parishioners to reflect on their service and to integrate their learning into their lives and the life of the parish – 2018 / PAFFD
  4. Develop an efficient means for connecting parishioners with a variety of service opportunities – 2019 / CSC
  5. Provide opportunities for parishioners to debrief after service and to share how they perceive their work and service are making a difference in the world – 2019 / PAFFD



  1. Support St. Anne Parish School in its efforts to help students be more intentional about changing the world
  1. Provide a format for school students to share service projects and class projects with parishioners on a quarterly basis – 2017 / PAFFD
  2. Work with school committees to expand the model of Families and Buddy Classes into parish life – 2018 / PACI, SPRINC, PAFFD





Goal C: Enhance our relationship with Jesus Christ by deepening our understanding of the Catholic faith, tradition and social teaching.


  1. Expand our understanding of and participation in the liturgy
  1. Publish a weekly bulletin column exploring Catholic doctrine, liturgy, saints and social teaching – 2016 / PC, PACI, LITCOM
  2. Strengthen participation in communal singing and prayer by improving signage and announcing book and number for hymns – 2016 / PAM
  3. Provide opportunities for more physical involvement in liturgies (e.g.: more variety in entrance processions, offering processions, etc.) – 2016 / LITCOM, PC
  4. Regularly include prayers for current service projects and community activities in general intercessions – 2017 / INTWRT
  5. Enhance the Hospitality Ministries (i.e., Greeters, Ushers, Third Saturday Social, etc.) to assure that there are sufficient trained minsters for every weekend Mass – 2017 / PACI
  6. Explore the use of multimedia in Mass and homilies – 2018 / LITCOM, PP, PC
  7. Annually offer a Demonstration Mass workshop that explains the parts of the liturgy – 2018 / LITCOM


  1. Enhance sacramental preparation processes and their celebrations

a.   Annually evaluate curriculum and resources used for sacramental preparation – 2017 / PC

b.   Connect prayer partners with those preparing for sacraments – 2018 / PC

  1. Provide opportunities for people to share how the sacraments (preparation and celebration) have impacted their lives – 2019 / PAFFD


  1. Strengthen the way we live out our faith as a parish and as individuals
    1. Increase participation in House of Prayer offerings by 50% by enhancing advertising efforts – 2016 / PC
    2. Create a parish intercessory prayer ministry – 2016 / PC
    3. Provide seasonal resources for parishioners to teach, enrich and practice their Catholic faith within the home – 2017 / PAFFD
    4. Create more small group and large group opportunities for prayer and reflection – 2018 / PC


  1. Grow in our understanding and application of Catholic social teaching
  1. Whenever possible, make reference in preaching to the principles of Catholic social teaching – 2016 / PP, PC
  2. Use quarterly offerings (bulletin inserts, workshops, etc.) to familiarize parishioners with the principles of Catholic social teaching – 2017 / SJCOM, PACI
  3. Encourage parishioner participation in Archdiocesan programs that support Catholic social teaching – 2017 / SJCOM, PACI
  4. Annually provide resources for council/commission representative members and ministry chairs to lead their groups in intentionally connecting their work with Catholic social teaching – 2018 / SJCOM, PACI



Goal D:  Structure, manage and invest our parish resources to further our mission as a parish.


  1. Deepen our understanding and practice of stewardship of time, treasure and resources
  1. Encourage thoughtful planning and reflection on the part of those soliciting parishioner support for service projects by requiring solicitors to provide educational material on their project/organization/cause, as well as a report on results. – 2016 / PACI, PAFDD, SPRINC
  2. Recruit, train and support an effective Stewardship Commission to provide education and encourage the practice of stewardship – 2017 / PC, PACI, PAA
  3. On a monthly basis, highlight the ways people of the parish are giving their time, talent and resources inside and outside the parish community – 2018 / PACI, CSC


  1. Broaden communication with our parishioners and the wider community
    1. Evaluate current media to determine how to best provide open and transparent communication – 2017 / PC, PACI
    2. Improve outdoor signage to better identify our church – 2017 / PAA
    3. Annually hold events and activities (e.g., open house) to familiarize people in the Queen Anne neighborhood with our parish and our mission – 2018 / PCNL, PC


  1. Manage our parish’s financial resources and facilities to best serve the needs of our community and our mission

a.  Complete the renovation of the church – 2016 / PC, PAA

b.  Develop a campus-wide plan to address facility needs – 2017 / PAA, PC, SPRINC

c.  Increase accessibility to the Parish Library – 2018 / PC

d.  Develop a long-term financial plan to assure financial stability of parish -- 2017 / PAA, FCNL

e.  Provide opportunities and resources for training and enrichment of professional staff and volunteers – 2019 / PC, PACI


  1. Support parish volunteers in ways that help to make their service more meaningful
  1. Annually offer a retreat day for parish volunteers – 2017 / PC, PAFDD
  2. Include parish volunteers in intentions of Parish Intercessory Prayer Ministry – 2017 / PC
  3. Have organization and ministry chairs meet annually with their volunteers to provide training and feedback – 2018 / PACI


  1. Create spaces in church entryways that communicate the parish’s sense of community and mission
  1. Acquire kiosk to exhibit photos, posters, brochures, etc., in an attractive manner – 2017 / PC, PAA
  2. Display examples of how community is living out our parish mission – 2018 / PC


  1. Ensure that the parish’s mission is carried into the future
  1. Conduct an evaluation update of the Five Year Plan – 2018 / PCNL
  2. Begin the process of developing parish Five Year Plan 2025 – 2020 / PCNL