Prayers of the Faithful

June 2019

Jun 15

June 16 ~ The Most Holy Trinity

+ May the preaching and teaching of the Church fill all with the desire to share in the life of the Blessed Trinity.  Holy Trinity, promoter of unity, we pray. + For those who live without faith: that the love of the Blessed Trinity awaken their minds and give hope to their hearts.  Holy Trinity, promoter of unity, we pray. + God of...
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Jun 9

June 9 ~ Pentecost

+ May the Holy Spirit, who makes present the mystery of Christ, reconcile all people and bring them into communion with you and your Church.  Spirit of God, our advocate, we pray. + We ask your blessings on everyone throughout the world.  Give us all the courage to follow in the path of Jesus, though your Holy Spirit, bringing peace,...
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Jun 1

June 2 ~ Ascension of the Lord

+ For the Church:  that the people of God will live with an ardent hope for heaven.  Jesus, who blesses all, we pray. + May your love be a guide to those leaders elected around the world so that they may seek to understand and have compassion, and not to assume or dictate.  Jesus, who blesses all, we pray. + Help us to learn...
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