Prayers of the Faithful

June 2018

Jun 17

June 17 ~ Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May the Church put forth branches and bear fruit, as it reaches out to all humanity.  Holy Spirit, giver of life, we pray. + For the U.S. and world leaders and all elected officials: may they provide care and assistance to those forced to flee, helping them build new lives; and may they work together to end the strife and persecution...
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Jun 9

June 10 ~ Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May the Church be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven, and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel.  Lord, my light and my salvation, we pray. + For all refugees who are forced to flee from their homes:  may they be brought to a lifesaving place of peace and safety.  Help us...
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Jun 2

June 3 ~ The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

+ For the Church, the Body of Christ: that we will deepen our devotion to your sacrifice which gives life to the world.  Jesus, bread of life, we pray. + May the redemptive power of Christ's Eucharistic sacrifice extend to the hearts and minds of those who govern.  Jesus, bread of life, we pray. + Help us to become aware once again,...
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