Prayers of the Faithful

August 2019

Aug 31

September 1 ~ 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ For our church: that we may strive to practice the humility Jesus tells us is the pathway to a place at his table.  Lord, God of wisdom, we pray. + That all your children will be blessed with the opportunity to experience the dignity of work.  Lord, God of wisdom, we pray. + For those who long for kindness and a...
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Aug 24

August 25 ~ 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May we, your church, be found worthy to pass through the narrow gate.  Jesus, our brother, we pray. + That all the world's sons and daughters will see the Glory of God and then your kingdom shall come and your will be done on earth.  Jesus, our brother, we pray. + For those grieving a loss, whether from death or separation in space...
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Aug 18

August 18 ~ 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ Grant us - your Church - Christ's fire that we may courageously help our nation reject  bigotry and hate.  Holy Spirit, fire of heaven, we pray. + For our world: that those who are richly endowed with material goods beyond simple living may, in gratitude, share with those who have less.  Holy Spirit, fire of heaven, we pray. +...
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Aug 3

August 4 ~ 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ We, your church, pray that you, Holy Spirit, will fill us and our Church leaders with the wisdom and courage to bring the Good News to our broken world.  Holy Spirit of truth, we pray. + We pray that world leaders will heed the demands of our young people to act decisively to reverse the destruction of our earth's atmosphere.  Holy...
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