Prayers of the Faithful

February 2018

Feb 17

February 18 ~ First Sunday of Lent

+ During this season of Lent, may the Church bear witness to those who live in material, moral, and spiritual destitution, and bring the Gospel message of your love.  Lord of love and truth, we pray. + Once again we pray for those killed or affected by gun violence.  Holy Spirit, give us the courage and wisdom to meet this problem in...
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Feb 11

February 11 ~ Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

+ That the Church may act as a mediator in finding solutions to problems affecting peace, social harmony, and the defense of human and civil rights.  Holy Trinity, who loves freely, we pray. + For all civil leaders:  may they work to eliminate the structural causes of poverty and to promote the uplifting of the poor.  Holy...
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Feb 4

February 4 ~ Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May the Church preach and teach with authority, winning many to the Gospel.  Jesus, healer of all, we pray. + In the world, may we see an end to terrorism and that there be healing of hatred and division among all peoples. Jesus, healer of all, we pray. + Although we question in our minds how you can allow human suffering, may we trust...
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