Prayers of the Faithful

June 2015

Jun 27

June 28 ~ Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ In this year dedicated to consecrated life, may religious men and women rediscover the joy of following Christ and strive to serve the poor with zeal.  Lord of compassion, we pray. + For the more than 1000 people who have died due to the heat wave in Pakistan, for their families, and for those trying to survive the extreme heat, the lack...
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Jun 20

June 21 ~ Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May all those who are set apart to preach, to teach, or to minister in the Church, be a witness to Jesus Christ fearlessly and without compromise.  God our Father, strength of our faith, we pray. + For the world:  that the dignity of all people be upheld and religious freedom be a civil right.  God our Father, strength of our...
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Jun 14

June 14 ~ Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May the church stand before the world without stain or blemish, holy and obedient to your Word.  Jesus, wisdom of all creation, we pray. + May those fleeing their homelands due to violence and religious persecution find a safe haven, and may countries have the political will to welcome them.  Jesus, wisdom of all creation, we pray....
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Jun 6

June 7 ~ the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

+ May the Church, the Body of Christ, help us to deepen our devotion to the Eucharistic sacrifice which gives life to the world.  Lord Jesus, Bread of Life, we pray. + For all those suffering from extreme weather - from flooding, drought, heat, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters:  give them hope and the strength to...
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