Prayers of the Faithful

September 2019

Sep 21

September 22 ~ 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ For the world:  let us offer supplications, prayers and petitions for all in authority that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life in devotion and dignity.  Lord of all truth, we pray. + For the Church:  may the Holy Spirit direct our South American Bishops and other Christian leaders in their efforts in advocating for...
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Sep 14

September 15 ~ 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ For the church:  inspire and strengthen Pope Francis and your Cardinals and Bishops as they guide us in living out your kingdom.  God of mercy, we pray. + For our world: that we may go beyond defense of boundaries and come together to defend our earth.  God of mercy, we pray. + For those who have squandered love...
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Sep 7

September 8 ~ 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May we, your church, be true disciples, placing adherence to your teachings as priority in all our affairs.  God of all wisdom, we pray. +For the world:  may all people who exercise power be guided by the Holy Spirit of Wisdom.  God of all wisdom, we pray + Comfort those who, throughout the world, remain enslaved, and help us...
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