Question of the Week

June 2018

Jun 16

June 17 ~ Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

For children:  Do you ever feel small or unimportant?  What does the story of the mustard seed tell you about the way small things can be used by God? For adults: What does the parable of the mustard seed say to you about situations where you think you are insignificant?                  ...
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Jun 9

June 10 ~ Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

For children:  How does it feel when people misunderstand you?  What’s the best way to respond to them? For adults: How does your church community support you?  What do you do to support your church community?                                ...
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Jun 2

June 3 ~ The Body and Blood of Christ

Children: When do you feel closest to Jesus? Adults: What meaning does the Eucharist have for your faith?                                                                   Mark...
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